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Welcome To Classic Services!

Our knowledgeable network technicians provide an enjoyable, friendly, professional relationship for all of our customers. At Classic Services we believe that our technicians personalities are just as important as the knowledge they possess.

Network and Computer related problems are a stressful situation. Our technicians not only provide solutions to these stressful problems, but they also provide a comfort zone in our clients minds that the problem is solved correctly by explaining the exact problem and what was done to resolve the problem in a friendly and down-to-earth manner (no confusing technical terms).

Classic Services is not your ordinary computer services company. We are a full service technology firm. Beyond your office computers, Classic Services has the training and expertise to service your phone system, interface with service providers for internet access and telephone services, provide custom application development, and much more. Basically if you have a question related to office technology, call us. We can answer your question and supply the equipment and services needed to facilitate your needs.

We often get involved in our clients projects when mistakes have already been made, simply because our clients didn't think we were involved in a particular aspect. 99 times out of 100, we have either already performed the needed service, provided the needed equipment, or have resources that will provide valuable insight that will save time and money.

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